Aristide du Plessis, Cellist 

©Val Adamson
©Val Adamson

"Aristide du Plessis is a remarkable musician and a born cellist. In his playing one is constantly aware of his positively explorative musicality, also one through which he ever so often eases in favour of something more reflective and, at times when it fits, even tentative. While performing, the fact that he is a naturally intuitive player becomes clearer through an inborn expertness of phrase, a kind of conquering brilliance in the way he vividly handles technique, plus his often spot-on flashing attack regarding chords. But then, moments later, we become aware of his inward phrasing of a suddenly emerging, but subtle melody. When a more extensive theme arrives, he leads the ear with a clearly pointed variety in expressiveness, plus a wide range of contrasts in which a colouristic dynamism also plays a dominant part."

- Paul Boekkooi (" Is Aristide du Plessis our pre-eminent 'cellist?" Artslink , 11/08/2018)



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